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Is the Earth and the Universe under some kind of degradation? Do we need to plan to move to another planet?

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In last month’s Time magazine there was a fairly long article about the Universe and a question was posed by some Scientists (with lots of letters attached to their names) and astronomers that there is something basically wrong with the Universe. It started so well after the “Big Bang” and things evolved and increased in complexity and somehow there seems to be Order and Complexity in life that formed later on that now seems to be falling apart for some unknown reason. They know that the universe is running out of available energy and complexity is breaking down. The Evolutionary Scientists of renown have come to a conclusion that not all is well. They have no clue what is wrong.
Well, here is where a proper Worldview helps considerably, because those of us with a Biblically based Worldview know what is wrong. Romans 8: 20-21, Genesis 3: 14-19, Romans 6: 23, 8: 2, I Corinthians 15: 21 and James 1:5 are very clear in what has gone wrong with the Universe (The Creation). Even in Science alone, we are aware that something is wrong when we look at the Second Law of Thermodynamics and realize that all complexity and function (and loss of energy available to do work) will fail given enough time. Even things that we build that are in a Standby Mode and not actually operating will eventually fail as well as an operating system. Even the late Carl Sagan and other notable astronomers and philosophers have said that we need to find another place to live because earth is being destroyed piece by piece. Little do they know that the Earth is robust and not fragile and even so will be re-built for eternity by God Himself in the near future. We don’t have to look for another planet to emigrate to in order to continue to live.


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Creation Science Fellowship December 2014

December 30, 2014

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No general meeting this month, we celebrate Christmas and family this month.

Janauary 20, 2015 CSFNM general Meeting

January 20, 2015

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The speaker for January (7: 00 PM at Faith Bible Church, 9600 Central Ave and Moon, SE corner.) is expected to be Jim Hovis, Board member of CSFNM. The planned subject is as follows:
Dinosaurs; when did they exist?  What about Dragons?
Were they created at the same time as mankind?
Why does all this matter?
Remember that screeching woman who asked,
“What difference does it make?”
• The question is foundational and it is this:
– Do we believe the Bible literally or not? (Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise)
– Is Genesis Chapters 1-11 true or not? Do we believe Job 40-41, or not?
– Are 50 million scientists in white coats correct or not? (Remember that phrase in WWII that asked “Can 50 million Frenchmen be wrong?” concerning Hitler. Came from a musical after WWI that ridiculed the French way about events.)

We also plan to have one or more Heritage Speech contest winners give us their winning speech at this month’s meeting.  Stay tuned for more details as the event approaches.

This month is when we vote for Board Members. If you desire to serve on our Board, please let our President, Art Cordoba or me (Jim Hovis, Secretary, CSFNM) know your desire.  The only requirement is that Board members adhere to the CSFNM Mission Statement and Belief. We have two openings.