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When Evolution Theory conflicts with evidence or lack thereof, what is the next step?

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Usually as we have seen time and time again, the Theorists do not go back to start and postulate a new theory, per the Standard Scientific Method, that could work; but rather the first choice is to revise the current theory to minimize the problem areas and work around the difficulty. If the revisions fit a new model or a revised model entirely, then success is announced and verification is once again by consensus of all the acceptable (approved by their peers already) scientists.  The problem is that models are only as good as the modeler.  If the data and running the model with that new data predicts reality, the model may be very good. If the data correlation is not a very high probability or some data does not fit, the model is still not good enough. We cannot throw away data just on the basis that it does not fit, therefore it must be wrong.

Now on the other hand, Creation Scientists use modeling too, but they have to follow the same rules for verification proving that a theory is really a scientific law.

What are the basic starting points for each group of scientists?

Evolution Theory:

1.       There was nothing in the beginning, or perhaps even there already existed a massive dense volume of pure energy.

2.       If there was nothing, how do we explain something now exists which we call a massive quantity of pure energy?

3.       Ignoring something from nothing for a moment, the Energy suddenly expanded which we call the “Big Bang”.  What caused the instability?

4.       Assuming point #3, Evolution postulates that protons, electrons, atoms, elements, compounds and increased complexity of things leads to the stars, planets and even galaxies, plus other things such as nebulae.

5.       Life begins somehow and eventually what we see now is all here with a primitive beginning from nothing, or a mass of pure energy that once was stable.

6.       The whole Universe somehow has some order from chaos and purpose that is just simply undefined.

Creation Theory:

1.       There is a God who made the world (Universe) and all things in it.

2.       Therefore, since He is the LORD of heaven and earth, he does not dwell in Temples made with your hands does he?

3.       Is God served by human hands as if he needed anything? Since He Himself gives to all life and breath and all things?

4.       He made from one person (Eve was made from Adam and then they produced offspring) every nation of mankind.

5.       Somebody wrote the DNA code and all that defines a living creature.

6.       The whole Universe shows design, order and purpose.

At this point, we recognize that both theories have a common dilemma. Both teach that there was nothing and now somehow things exist.  The Evolutionary Theory has no prime cause to go from nothing to something. The Creation Theory requires a creator (the Prime Cause) who has always existed and has the power to bring things into existence.  Not only that, but the Creator is the One who brought about life and all the living things that we see now.  The Evolution Theory cannot explain the origin of life; neither can it prove anything in the theory.  It is accepted on the basis of faith or the Evolutionist’s belief that things came about because he believes in his own theory.  The Creationist has faith that the Word of God is true and there is ample evidence available to see, if one accepts what he sees and believes what has been written long time ago.  The Creationist does not base his belief on his own model. It is based on something beyond himself.  Not so with Evolutionist.




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May 20 Creation Science Fellowship General Monthly Meeting

May 20, 2014

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Our speaker this month will be one of our Board members, Kevin Clower.    The meeting will be at Faith Bible Church, 9600 Central Ave. (SE corner of Moon & Central) at 7:00 PM.

Astronomy from a Biblical perspective.   What can we learn from this worldview?

The Psalmist tells us that the heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows His handiwork (Ps. 19:1).  Simple reflections on the scale of the universe truly declare God’s glory.  The sizes of astronomical bodies and distances we observe in the cosmos are definitely beyond our ability to fathom, and declare that our God is a big God.  But, is the sheer immensity of the universe all the Psalmist was eluding to?  How else do the heavens declare God’s Glory?

The Strong’s definition of the Hebrew term rendered as “declare” has meanings that are more literal than figurative, as though the heavens literally declare God’s Glory. In this talk, we will cover how the heavens declare our Creator’s Glory. We will explore the meanings of the “signs and seasons” of Genesis 1:14 from a Hebraic perspective. Many of these signs and seasons have been very historically significant and can be verified.  Our Creator has placed a witness in the heavens, has named every star and has put everything in it’s place.

We will also take a look at the Creator’s astronomically based calendar, which determines the days, years, signs and seasons that He placed in the heavens on the fourth day of creation….and He saw that it was good.

(This presentation will different than Jim Hovis’ presentation the previous month.)

June 17 Creation Science Fellowship General Monthly Meeting

June 17, 2014

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This month’s meeting is tentatively planned/scheduled speaker will be Kent Powderly, our resident Historian and Philosopher of Creation and Biblical issues  Topic being planned is “Signatures of Babel: Historical Models of the Babel Event and its Aftermath” followed at a later presentation time would be “Capturing Imaginations, Hearts, and Minds: Reaching Post-Moderns with Creation Evangelism in the Arts”  Concerning the early history of the Babel event, It begs questions about the nature of the confusion of languages and its likely  immediate and long term effects on the human mind. There’s much we don’t know, but developing a hypothetical model from not only the Genesis account, but what we see in the earliest forms of recorded history in the earliest civilizations will yield useful results. It looks at Sumero-Akkadian myth as the revisionist theological history of whatever came over on the boat with Noah, possible evidences of cognitive disruption in the Babel generation, and how that might have affected their differing senses of identity, civilization, and time-passage, the “tower-building tendency” of early civilizations, and questions about the nature of language itself.

July 15, Creation Science Fellowship Monthly Meeting

July 15, 2014

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The month’s Meeting will feature Art Cordoba (current President of CSFNM) speaking on a Creation Science issue. Details will appear here as the time approaches.  Meeting location is Faith Bible Church 9600 Central Ave. (Moon & Central) at 7:00 PM.  This will be another time to see what’s new on our Discount Book tables.