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Where is Creation Science going in 2015? For better or for worse? And what about Dragons and Dinosaurs?

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Answer: Creation Science in 2015: This is difficult to predict because none of us can see the future, we can only extrapolate based on what’s happening now and assume that things will continue as they are.  Just like a mathematician can extrapolate a math function such as a straight line on a graph; but what if the line follows some other function beside a linear one, when we go past confirmed and verified data points? Now, if we see the future like it is now continuing, we can safely predict that Creation Science understanding and advances will decrease and may even be replaced by erroneous ideas and ideologies.  This would affect our worldviews and we could be phased out in a majority favor of Evolutionary ideology and belief. Since our worldview of Creation of the Universe and all that is in it is based on Scripture rather than the science, falsely so-called, we know the truth, but we may be a small minority.  Does that mean that Evolution is true and Creation based science is false? Not so.  The coming year holds a lot of promise in true science advances, but also expect a lot of problems regarding the battle for the minds of men.  Is all this going to be a battle in science of a battle in ideology beliefs?  We will just have to see what happens this year.

Dragons and Dinosaurs? Were they contemporary with mankind? Many scientists say absolutely not!  Scientists who happen to be Biblical students and also Christians say absolutely yes! So who is right?  They both cannot be right at the same time.  What are the evidences?  The Evolutionary folks say that the fossils which are older than mankind prove that these creatures existed (or at least dinosaurs; but dragons? Maybe not.) One evidence which is probably the most powerful in deciding this question is “How could ancient civilizations make pottery and other objects that depict these creatures when they were not discovered until the early 1800s (AD)?”  This month’s presentation on January 20th may put that question to rest.  Come and find out.



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February 2015 CSFNM General Monthly Meeting

February 17, 2015

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This month will be a showing of a DVD titled “Evolution’s Achilles Heel”  It is a 1/12 hours video and we highly recommend everyone to see it.  It shows the weakness of evidences to support Evolution Theory.  (In fact, it points out that the evidences are actually in opposition to Evolutionary Theory.)  Come and see what the fuss is all about!

March 17th Creation Science General Monthly Meeting

March 17, 2015

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This month’s presentation will be by Kevin Clower, a CSFNM Board Member.  Subject will be announced later, Stay tuned.