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Is there proof that Evolutionists are right?

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It depends on who you ask. There are a few Evolutionary minded folks who have been trained in very prestigious schools who have been taught  that there are overwhelming evidences, but have some doubts.  They cannot express their doubts to the establishment for fear of censure or losing their employment positions. Then there is the problem of what constitutes proof. If we accept the premise that something is accepted (deemed to be true) based on consensus of the majority, then that would be proof enough.

But that is not the standard definition of the Scientific Method or of any scientific discipline as far as the necessity for repeatability, testability and verification.  If we divide up the Discipline into Historical Science and Observational Science, we find that we are in a mess. Observational  Science is acceptable to almost everybody, but Historical Science falls under the sphere of philosophy and associated categories of the search for truth, which would include a belief in a Creator and what some would call Christianity. Religion really is a separate category, that can include the mystic and Metaphysics.  A lot of what is called science requires a faith in what is believed. Creation Science is dependent on two things (three things actually), Observation, faith, and scripture (the Word of God Almighty, the Most High God of the Bible).  Then there is the support of Psalm 19 and others which tells us to look at the sky, look at ourselves, and ask the animals.  We could add Common Sense, but how do we define that? 




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May 20 Creation Science Fellowship General Monthly Meeting

May 20, 2014

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Our speaker this month will be one of our Board members, Kevin Clower.    The meeting will be at Faith Bible Church, 9600 Central Ave. (SE corner of Moon & Central) at 7:00 PM.

Astronomy from a Biblical perspective.   What can we learn from this worldview?

The Psalmist tells us that the heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows His handiwork (Ps. 19:1).  Simple reflections on the scale of the universe truly declare God’s glory.  The sizes of astronomical bodies and distances we observe in the cosmos are definitely beyond our ability to fathom, and declare that our God is a big God.  But, is the sheer immensity of the universe all the Psalmist was eluding to?  How else do the heavens declare God’s Glory?

The Strong’s definition of the Hebrew term rendered as “declare” has meanings that are more literal than figurative, as though the heavens literally declare God’s Glory. In this talk, we will cover how the heavens declare our Creator’s Glory. We will explore the meanings of the “signs and seasons” of Genesis 1:14 from a Hebraic perspective. Many of these signs and seasons have been very historically significant and can be verified.  Our Creator has placed a witness in the heavens, has named every star and has put everything in it’s place.

We will also take a look at the Creator’s astronomically based calendar, which determines the days, years, signs and seasons that He placed in the heavens on the fourth day of creation….and He saw that it was good.

(This presentation will different than Jim Hovis’ presentation the previous month.)

June 17 Creation Science Fellowship General Monthly Meeting

June 17, 2014

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This month’s meeting is tentatively planned/scheduled speaker will be Kent Powderly, our resident Historian and Philosopher of Creation and Biblical issues  Topic being planned is “Signatures of Babel: Historical Models of the Babel Event and its Aftermath” followed at a later presentation time would be “Capturing Imaginations, Hearts, and Minds: Reaching Post-Moderns with Creation Evangelism in the Arts”  Concerning the early history of the Babel event, It begs questions about the nature of the confusion of languages and its likely  immediate and long term effects on the human mind. There’s much we don’t know, but developing a hypothetical model from not only the Genesis account, but what we see in the earliest forms of recorded history in the earliest civilizations will yield useful results. It looks at Sumero-Akkadian myth as the revisionist theological history of whatever came over on the boat with Noah, possible evidences of cognitive disruption in the Babel generation, and how that might have affected their differing senses of identity, civilization, and time-passage, the “tower-building tendency” of early civilizations, and questions about the nature of language itself.