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What are the Creation principles as described in the Qur'an (Koran)? How do they match up with Biblical Creation?

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The Qur’an, the textbook of Islam (means submission), (Islam also adds to the Qur’an the Hadith and the interpretations of the Imams), has a very different story of how things came to be.  To start with, Allah is the one and only god and has no begotten son (Which in the Christian Trinity would be Jesus Christ, the Son of God).  Islam accepts billions of years for the age of the Universe, but does not accept the “Big Bang” as the mechanism of making the Universe.  How Allah and his Angels created something out of nothing is very vague.  A lot of their theories sound a lot like the “Gap Theory” which also talks of a pre-Adamic world that was inhabited by Satan and his followers.  The origin of animals and mankind is confused at best. The creation of Adam and Eve is especially vague.  A worldwide Flood is vague, as well as just what Noah did and did not do, including who was on the Ark.  There are 7 Heavens.  The Angel Gabriel inspired Muhammad to write the Qur’an. Satan told Adam and Eve that they were naked. The earth is flat.  Allah created a billion galaxies. There will be again or there was life on many other planets.  There are 6 Universes behind our present one.  The Body of Adam was shaped by the Angels.  The “miracle” number of Islam is 19.  There are many more discrepancies, but this should suffice for now.  It seems that Islam and Evolution have more in common than anything else and yet disagree on fundamental Evolutionary Theory (and science principles).


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General  Meetings are always the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM, unless otherwise posted. The location is Faith Bible Church, 9600 Central (SE corner of Moon & Central), unless otherwise indicated.  Any special meetings will be announced on this web site or by e-mail.

Creation Science Fellowship general Meeting, September 15

September 15, 2014

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The speaker this month will be Jim Clarke of AzOSA in Phoenix/Tucson, Arizona, He is a geologist from Northern Arizona University and has a MSE in Civil Engineering from Arizona State University. He has conducted talks on various geologic formation in Arizona and the Grand Canyon and shows how these all formed as a result of the Noahaic Flood described in Genesis. He is firmly convinced that the secular Geology Worldview is contrary to what the Bible teaches. He will present evidences that contradict the Old Earth theories and instead show a relatively recent formation.

Meeting location is Faith Bible Church at corner of Moon and Central at 7:00 PM.  Everyone is welcome to attend and find out what is found in Arizona.

Creation Science Fellowship Monthly Meeting, October 21

October 21, 2014

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We are planning on having Ray Mondragon speaking on a Biblical Creation topic that he is in process of assembling.  More information later.

Creation Science Fellowship Monthy Meeting, November 18.

November 18, 2014

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Our speaker this month will be Dr. John Doughty presenting his research on the latest findings on new CO2 gas well samples from a dome near Cortez, CO. Dr. John Doughty recently did some CO2 gas well sampling of four wells in the McElmo Dome field in SW Colorado (between Cortez and Dove Creek)  John is a member of the CSFNM Board and has been a speaker a number of times in the past.  The implications of this research affects the Creation Biblical model rather than the Evolution model.

Location of the meeting is Faith Bible Church, Corner of Moon and Central at 7: 00 PM.