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Do we have a Biblical basis for Creation Science?

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 The answer is a resounding yes!
Hebrews 11: 1-3 Definition of Faith:
1. It is the assurance (certainty) of things hoped for (not wishful thinking but certain in Hebrew language).
2. Conviction of things not seen.
3. The world (earth; and other worlds and the Universe) was prepared by the word of God.
4. What is seen was not made out of things which are visible (made from nothing).
We can go to Genesis and the Psalms and Isaiah (and other references) for details, but space does not permit. Some scientists may argue that things not visible refers to atoms or the pieces of potential atoms and energy radiation and other types of invisible things to the eye, but a careful analysis of the text indicates that anything which we see, measure, visible to us or not, or whatever exists in the known universe was not made of anything that already existed. In other words the Universe and all that is in it was made by the spoken word of God and what is here now did not exist before. God called something from nothing into existence. This contradicts Evolutionary Theory which calls for a “Big Bang” or some other appearance of energy or whatever that has always existed and is now expanding into what we see now. The Theory of Evolution cannot explain what existed before the “Big Bang” or whatever, and certainly cannot explain how the stuff prior to the “Big Bang” became unstable or whatever and started to expand and form what we see now. When it comes to life, we know from experiments and the Scientific Method that life begets life and there is no spontaneous existence from nothing. In other words again, life came from a living omnipotent being that already exists. Some folks, such as Stephen Hawking, claim that physics equations or the Laws of Science already existed before the absolute beginning. No evidence to support that idea.
The only thing that supports scripture is Creation Science because it is Biblically based and derived from that worldview to start with. But at the same time, we must acknowledge that Creation Science cannot deal with the spiritual realm, only the physical universe. The Scientific Method cannot deal with origins, because those things are one time only events and are not necessarily repeatable; and experimentation and verification using the laws of science is not possible. We cannot go back in time.


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August 18, 2015

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June 16 Monthly General Meeting

June 16, 2015

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This month’s speaker will be Ray Mondragon on Part 2 of his presentation, which is on         “The Tower of Babel and the diversity of nations and language. Implications & Evidence of Early Advanced Culture.”  The talk will include an exposition of the Genesis 11 passage, significant implications of the historical event, and actual evidence that early civilizations were very advanced, not primitive as current evolutionary thinking dictates.  This evidence of real archaeological structures and artifacts is ignored by the secular public.  There was existing technology in ancient times that we today still do not understand.  Bring your Bibles, note pads, and skeptical friends, for a tour of the world,

Location is Faith Bible Church on Moon and Central at 7:00 PM Tuesday night.

August 18, Creation Science General Meeting

August 18, 2015

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This month’s speaker will be Roger Lenard