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If the Bible is correct in the Book of Genesis, what does this mean for Evolutionary minded scientists and their Worldview based on that?

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The Bible contains data and evidences that the Universe and the Earth is only a little more than 6000 years old from Creation (the beginning of all things) up to today, not 4.5 billion years old for the earth or 13 billion for the whole Universe. So what are the consequences if the Bible is indeed true and factual?  It would mean that all so-called science of origins and all geology and biology theories and evolution processes (including physics, chemistry, and so on) are all fantasy, fiction, and a “fairy tale” for all events older than 6000-7000 years back in history. Millions or even billions of years of time simply does not exist. Never did, if we want to admit it. So when someone proposes a theory to explain how things appeared and operated in evolving to today’s observations, you know that it is false, based just on the premise that the Bible is true. On the other hand, if we assume that the Bible itself is false or at least misinterpreted, then origin scientists and Evolutionists are hopelessly confused at best.  We should all be diligent to examine the so-called “evidences” and evaluate them under both theories of Origins for their merit. The Scientific Method is still valid, if used properly as defined.


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Creation Science Fellowship Monthly Meeting, October 21

October 21, 2014

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 Ray Mondragon will be speaking on a Biblical Creation topic that is critical in today’s society. Title of presentation: Why Creation Science is Essential Today
Because our culture has abandoned the biblical worldview, the simple gospel is often not understood. To do effective evangelism today, it is often necessary to go back to beginnings. This talk will expose the current mindset of people in our culture today. It will explain the essential nature and issues involved with Creation Science. Biblical Creation Science is the starting point for reversing the current thinking of our culture today.
Many in the church today view Creation Science as a side issue or as unimportant. Many also do not know the issues related to Creation Science. This talk will explain the essential nature and issues involved with Creation Science. Ideas have consequences and bad ideas do damage. A major reason our culture is in the deplorable moral state that it is in, is due to the ideas that the culture promotes. Even churches that attempt to present the gospel in our culture are finding that people do not understand it. Biblical Creation Science is the starting point for reversing the current thinking of our culture today. It gives the essential foundation in preparation for the presentation of the gospel.
This is a presentation to emphasize the importance of having a correct Biblical worldview in today’s society. There is so much confusion being sown by many groups today to confuse and cause doubt on God’s Word as it relates to the Creation, the Universe and its operation and the capstone of creation, mankind beginning with Adam and Eve. 

Creation Science Fellowship Monthy Meeting, November 18.

November 18, 2014

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Our speaker this month will be Dr. John Doughty presenting his research on the latest findings on new CO2 gas well samples from a dome near Cortez, CO. Dr. John Doughty recently did some CO2 gas well sampling of four wells in the McElmo Dome field in SW Colorado (between Cortez and Dove Creek)  John is a member of the CSFNM Board and has been a speaker a number of times in the past.  The implications of this research affects the Creation Biblical model rather than the Evolution model.

Location of the meeting is Faith Bible Church, Corner of Moon and Central at 7: 00 PM.



Janauary 20, 2015 CSFNM general Meeting

January 20, 2015

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The speaker for January is expected to be Jim Hovis, Board member of CSFNM. The planned subject is as follows:
Dinosaurs; when did they exist?
Were they created at the same time as mankind?
Why does all this matter?
Remember that screeching woman who asked,
“What difference does it make?”
• The question is foundational and it is this:
– Do we believe the Bible literally or not? (Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise)
– Is Genesis Chapters 1-11 true or not? Do we believe Job 40-41, or not?
– Are 50 million scientists in white coats correct or not? (Remember that phrase in WWII that asked “Can 50 million Frenchmen be wrong?” concerning Hitler. Came from a musical after WWI that ridiculed the French way about events.)