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Is the earth wearing out and becoming unstable?

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 We know that the Bible tells us that the earth is established and it is stable and firm. (Ps. 72, 96, 104) God created it to be inhabited forever, however, because man has rebelled, not only by Adam in the Garden of Eden, but by mankind ever since. Man thinks that he is ruining the earth by the way he uses its resources and by simply breathing out carbon dioxide.
But there are some verses, to share with you that indicate that God Himself is going to cause calamities on the earth to call men to repentance, and also because of the Original Curse, the earth is wearing out (increasing entropy and loss of complexity; i.e. breakdown of structure and function, and corruption). The following verses are for your consideration:
1. Isaiah 24: 4, 6; The world fades and withers. The earth is polluted by its inhabitants because they transgressed the Laws, violated Statutes, and broke the Everlasting Covenant.
2. Isaiah 50: 9; 51: 6; Everything will wear out like a garment. (Death awaits everyman when functions fail catastrophically.) The earth will wear out like a garment. Its inhabitants will all die.
3. Hebrews 8: 13; 1, 10-12; Everything is growing obsolete and ready to disappear. (A new Covenant is coming)
4. I Peter 1: 24; All flesh is like grass, it withers away.
5. II Peter 3: 10-12; Everything will be burned up in the end.
6. The sky will be rolled up like a scroll and discarded.
However, God made note to the Israelites that things can be changed by God’s Power.
• Deut. 29: 5; The Physical Law of Decay and breakdown of complex mechanisms, but did not affect the principle of death of the people over 20 years of age. (The Second Law of Thermodynamics). Their clothes did not wear out, nor did their feet get sore.
• Neh. 9: 21; (Ditto)
Now here is where we agree with the Secular Scientist or the Evolutionist. The following will happen without the intervention of God:
1. World will wear out and eventually die. (Billions and Billions of years from now!)
2. The whole Universe will become dark and cold, (no more light energy moving around and the temperature will be near Absolute Zero).
3. The Sun will run out of Hydrogen and it will cease to shine. Maybe a last gasp of a Super Nova and failure of gravitational collapse to generate some heat.
4. The stars will all cease to shine.
5. No life will be able to exist under these last conditions.
6. Physical Laws may change and be inoperative (at such low temperatures).
If the Secular Scientist is right (and he is wrong!), then there is no Hope, no future, no life, no purpose, no meaning, no anything. End of story and any existence.


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March 17th Creation Science General Monthly Meeting

March 17, 2015

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This month’s presentation will be by Kevin Clower, a CSFNM Board Member. 

“Defining Science”
In this presentation we will explore the very definition of science and the scientific method. Science (from Latin scientia, meaning “knowledge”) is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about nature and the universe. This knowledge is determined through the scientific method by experiments and observations, and may take the form of  scientific facts, scientific models, or scientific theories or laws. We will look at how various practitioners of science have applied the scientific method, and look at many quotes that bring their application of the scientific method into question. Was there a bias in their scientific conclusions? If so, how does bias fit into science? What are the empirical evidences for evolution? What does the empirical evidence really indicate?

As always, it is my personal goal to strengthen the faith of believers and equip them to go fourth with the important message of Creation. Likewise it is also very important for believers to be able to counter the lies that accompany the philosophical ideas of evolutionism that are so prevalent in our culture today. We are in the third generation since evolution entered the textbooks, and as students, parents and grandparents we need to be aware of what is being taught, and how it is being taught. We must also be able to stand our ground Biblically and scientifically when discussing these very important issues with others.